In 2016, the Department for Education published Standards for professional development. “High-quality professional development requires workplaces to be steeped in rigorous scholarship, with professionals continually developing and supporting each other so that pupils benefit from the best possible practice.”

The design of high-quality professional development is as complex a discipline as the design of high-quality practice. It requires the planning of programmes of connected activities with clarity about intended outcomes, and evaluation.

Effective professional development relies upon professions in schools and organisations providing professional development, being clear about their respective roles and working together effectively.

Professional development can take many forms, but the best available evidence shows that the most effective professional development practices share similar characteristics.

In order for this partnership to be successful:

    • Professional development should have a focus on improving and evaluating pupil outcomes
    • Professional development should be underpinned by robust evidence and expertise
    • Professional development should include collaboration and expert challenge
    • Professional development programmes should be sustained over time
    • Professional development must be prioritised by school leadership.
    • The Professional Learning Institute is committed in meeting these Standards.

We are the proud license holders of NASBTT’s Teacher Educator Programmes. This is a suite of tailor-made programmes designed to provide professional development for Teacher Educators at all stages in their careers. As a license holder we have been trained by NASBTT in order to be entitled to offer this programme. 

Eligibility: Individuals who have, or are aspiring to have, responsibility for developing and facilitating training/development opportunities of groups of educational professionals. These may be in-school training opportunities (e.g INSET) or may be training facilitated for a partner ITT provider, teaching school or MAT CPD department.

Course aims: To focus on developing the individual’s skills of facilitating Professional Learning and training. It is a licensed programme through a suite of training materials designed, updated and quality assured delivery by NASBTT.

Content overview:

    • Audience Needs
    • Effective PowerPoint
    • Kolb’s Learning Cycle
    • Managing the Audience
    • Pitfalls and Trampolines
    • Planning a Presentation
    • Presenter Integrity
    • Managing the Venue
    • Powerful Communication
    • Preparing for a Presentation
    • Timing!
    • Understanding Credibility
    • Visual Aids
    • Practice

Workshops will include a mixture of theoretical input and also case studies and interactive discussion amongst participants. This programme is led in conjunction with NASBTT as one of their License holders. These will be held remotely via Teams

Length: the full certificate takes approx. 8 hours in total to complete – this can either be delivered to suit the needs of the cohort.

Cost: Covers materials and facilitation.

To apply please complete the following form and we will be in touch to confirm details.