We are the proud license holders of NASBTT’s Teacher Educator Programmes. This is a suite of tailor-made programmes designed to provide professional development for Teacher Educators at all stages in their careers. As a license holder we have been trained by NASBTT in order to be entitled to offer this programme.

Eligibility: Individuals who have, or are aspiring to have, responsibility for developing others.

Course aims: To focus on the developing skills in being a Teacher Educator.

Content overview:

    • What is Mentoring?
    • The Mentor-Mentee Relationship
    • Mentoring Skills
    • Setting SMART targets
    • An Introduction to Coaching
    • Coaching Skills Review
    • An Introduction to Giving Feedback

Workshops will include a mixture of theoretical input and also case studies and interactive discussion amongst participants.

Length: the programme takes approximately 7 hours in total to complete. The modules can be facilitated remotely via Teams.

Cost: Free to all our academies within Summit Learning Trust because of our partnership with South Birmingham SCITT

To apply please complete the following form and we will be in touch to confirm details.