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Well being guidance

Wellbeing First;

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Hays suite of wellbeing courses helps you to prioritise wellbeing; Life balance, Healthy living, Mindset, Attitude, Stress, Resilience, Relaxation, Prioritisation, Mindfulness, Yoga

Why understanding our own stress matters;

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Everyone experiences stress, but why does it matter? Gareth D Morewood shares how we can understand our own stress, and what we can do to manage it.

Prioritising wellbeing: putting yourself first;

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With work-related stress on the rise, school staff need to be thinking about putting themselves first. Gareth D Morewood looks at ways of supporting stress to directly improve wellbeing.

Wellbeing podcast:

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Charlie Roden looks at the factors contributing to negative body image, how this can affect mental health and what can be done to support children and young people.

How to improve self-care:

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With a growing number of educators struggling to maintain a work life balance, Kelly Hannaghan shares her ideas around teaching self-care techniques to increase productivity and emotional harmony.

The new wellbeing: coping with the phases of lockdown through Covid – 19:

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Kelly Hannaghan highlights the importance of managing the anxieties and monotony of the coronavirus lockdown, with simple strategies to support this new way of wellbeing.

Top Tips for Staying Healthy in Lockdown: