Are you curious about improving education? Do you want to expand your educational knowledge and understanding in a way that will benefit your school? Does your creative mind ask key questions that you’d like to answer? A Summit Learning Trust bursary might free up the possibility for you to carry out an action research project.

What are they?

The Trust will make ten bursaries across one academic year of £1000 available to staff to facilitate action research in our school. The funding will be given in the form of a “voucher” which can be exchanged, for example, with your school to support:

    • Attendance at conferences/courses/visits to other schools
    • Cover for meeting time/ research and writing time
    • Any other reasonable expenses


The research project should link overtly to one of the Trust focuses and your school improvement drive. “Researchers” should seek to find out why, in our context, the chosen aspect is an issue for the school/Trust, examine possible solutions and trial one of these, tracking impact.


All staff who do not currently hold a leadership position. This is to promote the development and succession planning of future leaders in schools and the Trust. Your application will need to be supported by your line manager.


The project needs to span over at least two terms to secure the demonstration of impact.

Step 1: Apply via the form below

Step 2: Elizabeth Ford will communicate if your application has been successful within 10 days of submission.

Step 3: Bursaries will be awarded.

Step 4: Research projects will be undertaken; submission of a research paper at the end of the second term.

Step 5: Research paper will be published on the PLI Website.