We are very fortunate to have a collaborative partnership with Birmingham City University. Allowing all of our programmes and development opportunities to be led by research and practice.

We offer the: Post Graduate Diploma, Masters in Teaching and Learning, and the Masters in Educational Leadership.

Course aims: These courses are designed to boost your professional learning in your school or college, and integrate seamlessly with your current role. You take an increasing responsibility for your own development within a wider professional community. You’ll be involved in personalised and collaborative learning that draws appropriately on agreed content areas and workplace priorities. Where you will develop skills of enquiry and the use of evidence, in relation to the impact of professional practice on the outcomes for learners within the work context.

Eligibility: You are required to have a degree.

Course outline: Principally designed to support professional learning entirely in school or college context. The course is personalised and linked to your workplace practice, development programme, and you will get to choose what areas you concentrate on when it comes to your development, research and study.

Length: 2 – 5 years (part time / flexible)

Cost: £450 per 20 credit module.

Post Graduate Certificate = 60 credits (£1350)

Post Graduate Diploma = 120 credits (£2700)

Masters = 180 credits (£4050)

Please request a place via the following form … a formal enrolment will then need to be completed with the university.