With so much amazing Professional Learning occurring in each of our schools / college, we have the opportunity to learn from one another and share our learning with others. And please don’t forget this can also be cross phase.

The Professional Learning Directory will provide you with:

a. Access to the professional learning opportunities occurring across Summit Learning Trust.

The school / college page(s) have their Terms Professional Learning Calendar. If you wish to attend a professional learning opportunity in a different Trust school please complete the form embedded within the page to request permission.

b. Access to the Professional Learning Institute offer of a range of professional learning opportunities to suit all colleagues and all career stages.

The PLI Professional Learning page has a list of professional learning opportunities that we can currently provide. Please complete the form embedded within to request and express initial interest.

c. Opportunity to request Professional Learning which you desire yet cannot find!

If you can’t find the Professional Learning that you desire, then please get in touch by completing the following request embedded within this page.