The Professional Learning Institute offers a range of opportunities for Professional Learning.

“If we create a culture where every individual believes they need to improve, not because they are not good enough, but because they can be even better, there is no limit to what we can achieve” Dylan Wiliam 

Effective professional learning is the key drive for development, recruitment, retention, staff well-being and school improvement. We are committed to working in collaboration to ensure that everybody embraces the opportunities to continually improve to secure the very best practice. 

Our aim is for all colleagues from across our schools to have access to a personalised Professional Learning offer, depending upon their individual needs and areas of development. 

Support Staff

  1. Education Management (Level 5)
  2. Behaviour that Challenges (Level 2)
  3. Children & Young People’s Mental Health (Level 2)
  4. Mental Health Awareness (Level 2)
  5. Customer Service (Level 2)
  6. Data Protection & Security (Level 2)
  7. English / Mathematics (Level 1)
  8. Equality & Diversity (Level 2)
  9. Learning Disabilities (Level 2)
  10. Specific Learning Difficulties (Level 2)
  11. Understanding Autism (Level 2)
  12. Personal Exercise, Health & Nutrition (Level 2)
  13. Safeguarding & Prevent (Level 2)
  14. Team Leading (Level 2)
  15. Digital and Technology Solutions Degree
  16. Embedded Electronic Systems Design and Development
  17. Executive Apprenticeships MBA
  18. Chartered Manager Degree

Teaching Staff

  1. Securing Subject Pedagogy
  2. Teachers starting out in leadership (Level 3)
  3. Teachers as middle leaders (Level 5)
  4. NPQML
  5. Senior Leads (Level 7)
  6. NPQSL
  7. Principals of the future
  8. NPQH
  9. Education Management (Level 5)

This offer is currently under development – in these initial stages if there is a programme(s) you are interested in please complete the following form: