a. Middle leaders who are aspiring to senior leadership and meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Likely to be in a senior leadership role in the next 12-18 months
  • Have completed at least one year at a middle leadership level
  • May have served on an extended SLT

b. Those currently in senior leadership roles who fit within the guidance below:

  • Senior leaders should have responsibility for the results of a team, and line manage at least one middle leader
  • Will serve on the senior leadership of the school, and attend SLT meetings
  • In secondary schools, senior leaders will have roles such as assistant headteacher or assistant/vice-principals
  • In large secondary schools, heads of large departments and faculties, leaders may have responsibility commensurate with that of senior leaders
  • In primary schools, senior leaders will have roles such as assistant/associate headteacher or assistant/vice-principals as well as substantive whole-school responsibilities

If the senior leader is aspiring to headship, or is a deputy headteacher in secondary / deputy or assistant headteacher in primary, this person is likely to be more suited to NPQH

Course aims: The main focus of this programme is the participant’s own leadership development, including how to make best use of tasks and tools to make the transition to senior leadership.

Course content: The programme will consist of a series of training sessions, along with pre- and post-reading and an in-school impact project.

The training sessions will include the following five core areas:

  • Self-development and stepping up into senior leadership
  • Strategic leadership using data
  • Leadership of whole school CPD
  • Teaching and learning improvements
  • Horizon scanning and looking to the future.

To make sure they get the most out of the programme participants will need to carry out pre- and post-workshop reading outside of the sessions.

Participants will be assessed through a written assignment to ensure that they have reached the qualification requirements plus a viva interview to assess them against the more challenging Ambition bar.

This programme is led in conjunction with Ambition School Leaders as one of their License holders.

Length: 9 half days

Cost: £670

To apply please complete the following form, a member of the Ninestiles Teaching School will be in touch.