Eligibility: This programme is designed to support serving executive leaders who have recently made the transition from headship to executive leadership, and whose role is focused on several (2+) schools. 

If you are an aspiring executive leader then you must be able to demonstrate that you have the opportunity to apply learning to the improvement of pupil outcomes across several schools. This is a compulsory criterion if you wish to complete the NPQEL. 

Course aims: The programme supports executive leaders to navigate the transition from headship to executive leadership, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to successfully and confidently lead several schools.

Course Content and Length:

The programme combines research-driven and expert-led training sessions with insights from experienced executive leaders. It also provides opportunities for personalised development through structured peer learning and one-to-one executive coaching.

Together, these elements will support you to develop and deliver on a comprehensive strategy for school improvement.  

The programme is delivered in a modular format over three residential events (eight days in total). This provides the opportunity for you to not only fully immerse yourself in your development, but to build a close-knit group of peers who can provide ongoing support.

Residential training 1
This module explores what it means to be an executive leader and how to reinvent yourself and your ways of thinking to ensure success and manage wellbeing. Through exploration of behavioural and technical competency frameworks, you will explore what successful executive leaders do to ensure improvement across several schools, beginning to develop a strategy for school improvement in your own unique context. 

Residential training 2
The second module explores models of school improvement and the associated decisions needed in the key operational areas of HR and people, finance and governance. 

Residential training 3
The last module focuses on the internal and external relationships needed to enable improvement across all schools, with a focus on personal leadership styles, collaboration, brand development and management. 

You will also work towards gaining the NPQEL. This involves submitting two written assignments and attending a module on leading organisational growth. 

This programme is led directly by Ambition School Leadership, and you will be required to complete their application process after initial interest.

Cost: £4950

To apply please complete the following form, a member of the Ninestiles Teaching School will be in touch.