Eligibility: Teachers who have, or are aspiring to have, responsibility for supporting at least one member of staff through their career development by providing tailored coaching and mentoring opportunities, structured in-school training opportunities and advice and guidance as part of your day to day role.

Course aims: To focus on developing the individual’s skills of coaching and mentoring individuals. It is a licensed programme using a suite of materials designed, updated and quality assured in the delivery by NASBTT.

Content overview:

• What is mentoring?
• The Mentor-Menthe Relationship
• Mentoring Skills
• Setting SMART targets
• An Introduction to Coaching
• Coaching Skills Review
• An Introduction to Giving Feedback

Workshops will include a mixture of theoretical input and also case studies and interactive discussion amongst participants. This programme is led in conjunction with NASBTT as one of their License holders.

Length: 4 Twilights

Cost: £150

To apply please complete the following form, a member of the Ninestiles Teaching School will be in touch.