The term Teacher Educator has been widely adopted for those who educate prospective teachers and those who educate practicing teachers. Those who initiate, guide and support teacher learning across their career. There is an abundance of research into this role, yet very little on how individuals focus their own professional learning to maximise their skill set to carry it out effectively.

We are advocates to ensure that all of our Teacher Educators have access to ongoing support and development.

Top 10 things every Teacher Educator should know and be able to do:

  1. Have good subject knowledge
  2. Understand cognitive science; the science of learning and cognitive load theory
  3. Select evidence based practice to support understanding of good pedagogy
  4. Adapt and understand techniques to suit novices and experts (direct instruction, modelling, deliberate practice, mentoring, coaching etc)
  5. Pre-empt misconceptions and strategies to overcome them
  6. Prioritise and sequence the aspect to focus development eg start with behaviour, planning and assessment for early career practitioners
  7. Use a structured developmental cycle; assess, plan, do, review
  8. Small steps; actionable improvement
  9. Lead deliberate practice
  10. Support individuals well-being 

Please ensure that as a Teacher Educator for Summit Learning Trust that you register for the free TEMZ (Teacher Educator Mentoring Zone) at NASBTT (National Association of School Based Teacher Training). Here you will find an abundance of resources, reflections, podcasts etc to support you in your role.

You will find further information on our Teacher Educator Programmes; certified training through our license held with NASBTT via the ‘Teaching & Leadership Pathway’ from the homepage.

In addition we can offer support, guidance and training on each of the highlighted areas above; please contact the Director of the PLI to organise details.