Dovetailing the Core Content Framework with the Early Career Framework to provide support and access to a range of resources which will secure development as a skilful and reflective practitioner.


Evidence informed generic training – PLI Led

  • Evidence informed project: online discussion about the benefits and challenges of evidence informed practice. These will be led through a Class Teams platform and are linked directly to 4 Trust core sessions led by the PLI to secure best practice. Facilitated by expert practitioners with additional optional sessions made available.
  • Chartered College: All teachers in their induction year are funded in their registration for membership. Receive high quality training materials and access to the Early Career Hub.
  • Core Text & PLI Bulletin: All teachers in their induction year are given a selection of core texts. We also provide termly support to enhance understanding of the application of evidence-informed practice.


School specific pedagogy – School Led

  • Transition from ITE: Opportunity to network with other NQTs. Understand the roles and responsibilities of an NQT and familiarisation with the Statutory Guidance. Developmental sessions focused upon vision, purpose and workforce well-being.
  • School practice: Attending school based training to secure the foundations of developing best practice. For example; pedagogical approaches, behaviour, SEND, safeguarding, assessment …
  • Learning together: Facilitated learning walks to observe best practice, opportunities to collaborate with others and reflect on what effective learning looks like.


Subject knowledge – Mentor Led

  • Subject Association: as an NQT it is encouraged that you take advantage of the reduced cost of membership of a subject association where you will access a vast array of resources and opportunities.
  • Subject Pedagogy: through the exploration of subject curriculum intent with bespoke subject sessions; individuals can secure their understanding of the process of curriculum design.
  • Instructional coaching: focused bespoke development through regular Mentor review meetings. Opportunities for professional learning with a reduction in timetable to support capacity. Support and guidance on how to manage non-teaching time effectively.


All supported by fully funded mentor training and expert support.