• This is not an assessment document and NQTs are not expected to collect evidence against this framework. They need to be assessed against the Teachers Standards only. 


The ECF has been designed to support development across 5 core areas – behaviour management (TS1 & TS7), pedagogy (TS2, TS4, TS5), curriculum (TS3), assessment (TS6) and professional behaviours (TS8 as well as Pt2).

The ECF builds on and complements the Core Content Framework from Initial Teacher Education (ITE). It underpins the entitlement as teachers continue on their journey to becoming experts.

From September 2021 the DfE have committed to:

  • Funding and guaranteeing 5% off-timetable in the second year of teaching for all early career teachers; early career teachers will continue to have a 10% timetable reduction in their first year of induction.
  • Creating high quality, freely available ECF curricula and training materials;
  • Establishing full, high quality ECF training programmes;
  • Funding time for mentors to support early career teachers; and
  • Fully funded mentor training.

Within each area, key evidence statements – Learn that… have been drawn from current high quality evidence from the UK and overseas. All new entrants to the profession they can see the evidence of what makes great teaching. There is a full biography at the end with suggested reading.

These are then accompanied by practice statements – Learn how to… these are categorised into two groups; the entitlement to practise key skills as well as an opportunity to work with and learn from expert colleagues as they apply their knowledge and understanding of the evidence in the classroom.